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Adoption, Family, and Real Estate Law in Poughkeepsie, New York

I have specialized in Family Law, representing the rights of parents, guardians and children since being admitted to practice in 1973. I have represented clients in custody, guardianship, family offense, neglect proceedings and the like in our Family Courts. I have a significant practice in Adoption Law as well, having represented foster parents in public agency adoptions, and adoptive parents whether through private adoption agencies or pursuing adoptions as relatives or step-parents. Another significant part of my practice is Real Estate Law, with specialties in residential home sales and purchases and eviction proceedings.
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Signing testament — Adoption, Family, and Real Estate Law in Poughkeepsie, New York
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Adoption Law

Adoption Law is an extraordinarily rewarding experience. I have helped hundreds of families grow through the process, whether agency or private, a process that needs an experienced practitioner to expedite it.

From our initial interview through all court proceedings, which may involve the consent of the natural parents or litigation to terminate their rights, I have the experience to bring the proceeding to fruition.

Family Law

The Family Court handles all kinds of matters affecting the family, other than matters relating to the dissolution of a marriage or equitable distribution of property acquired before or during the marriage. It has the staff and the expertise to these handle matters which may touch on domestic violence, custody, visitation, guardianship, support, maintenance, neglect, abuse, and the like. I have practiced family law for well over forty years and can draw on my experience and knowledge of the Courts to provide you with competent representation.

Matrimonial Law

My practice includes all aspects of matrimonial law, whether the negotiation of a Separation Agreement; a simple dissolution of a marriage without assets or a complicated matter involving difficult equitable distribution issues and the discovery of income and assets; maintenance awards, custody, visitation and child support matters and the like. These matters need an attorney who has the experience and diligence to litigate or negotiate an equitable resolution.

Landlord and Tenant Matters

My firm will prepare all of your predicate notices and pleadings, and make all court appearances and submit all paperwork needed to complete the process.

Real Estate Matters

My firm can prepare all of the predicate notices and pleadings needed to promptly and effectively prosecute an eviction; make all court appearances associated with the proceedings and submit all paperwork needed to complete the process on an affordable basis. This process is, as many have found trying to represent themselves, filled with pitfalls if you are not absolutely versed in the law including time constraints imposed by statutes regarding service, filing and the like. Many have lost time and rent trying to act on their own. What many be lost in time and past due rent is not worth the effort of pursuing it on your own. This is a specialty that should only be pursued by an experienced attorney.
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